Online Database Programming

Making your website do more for you and your clients

Websites tend to present information in a static state: all of the information is locked together and presented the same way every time it’s accessed. These traditional websites are limited in how they present your message, market your product, or develop your company or organization’s image. Users and customers are limited by what information they can obtain from your site by not being able to select individual parts, or regroup and compare the displayed information.

A database driven website application can dynamically present, organize, and update information for not only your users, but also for yourself. Your website can become a tool that you, your clients, and the people you work with can use to be more productive. With a database driven site, you can:

  • Find information, products, or services that are tailored towards specific search criteria.
  • Generate collections of information.
  • Change how the information is presented to them.
  • Owners can instantly create, edit, save or delete information from anywhere in the world.

Shortgrass Web Development of Great Falls, Montana has a professional staff of highly-trained and experienced database developers. Since PHP and MySQL are the world’s best combination for creating data-driven websites, most of the databases we develop employ these solutions. We also offer our database services on other web technology platforms such as ASP, Access and MS SQL.