Content Management Systems (CMS)

Making changes to your website can be easy

Many of our website clients want the ability to easily add, edit, update, and delete text, images, and pages on their website. A Content Management System (CMS) provides a way for them to easily achieve these needs.

A website content management system is a website editor that is used to manage and control a large or small, dynamic collection of web material (text, documents, images, etc). With a CMS, the owner or manager of a website has complete control over the content of their web pages.

Shortgrass Web Development’s CMS solutions allow the owner or assigned administrative user to easily update web pages using a simple web browser interface. No website coding is required; the user needs only a working understanding of a word-processing application (ex: Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, etc).

Shortgrass Web Development makes it easy and affordable to have complete control over the content of your site.