Social Media Marketing

To Share or Not to Share

Social Media has become a driving force on the Internet. With YouTube alone having over a billion users (1/3 of the entire Internet) and reaching more 18-49 year old people than any cable network, there’s no better playing-field to establish a presence for yourself, your product, or your company.

Social media marketing includes the use of social networking sites and on-site activity including blogging, wikis, user-generated content, ratings and reviews. Social media marketing not only aids in establishing new customer relationships, but has become imperative in retaining those relationships. With the use of social networking and on-site activity, you can not only keep existing customers notified on special events, breaking business announcements, and new products, but you can also acquire valuable customer feedback.

The largest mistake we see most of our customers commit is that they jump headfirst onto a social networking platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, or take part in social media services like YouTube, and Reddit with little more reason than that their competitors are doing it and they wish to remain competitive and relevant to their customers. While marketing yourself or your business using social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter is trendy and does have the possibility to have a positive influence on your business, the questions you should ask yourself before devoting the time and resources into social media marketing are: “What is my end goal?” and “How will social media help me achieve that end goal?”  You need an angle.

Ready to Expand Your Reach with Social Media?

The experts at Shortgrass Web Development have spent several recent years following the social networking trends and we can not only help you decide which social networking avenues will be most beneficial to your and your business, but can also help you understand how the social media marketing solutions will accomplish your unique goals.