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  • Website Design

    Every business and organization is unique, and we work hard to graphically convey that individuality in your website so that you stand apart from the competition. Your website design should instantly reveal the personality of your company or organization and so tempt clients to learn more about what you can offer them.

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  • Web-Based Software

    Shortgrass Web Development has years of experience developing custom web applications for our clients. We provide secure, flexible and cost-effective web applications that turn your vision into reality. We work with you during the process so that the web application meets the needs of your company or organization.
  • Social Media Marketing

    The experts at Shortgrass Web Development have spent several recent years following the social networking trends and we can not only help you decide which social networking avenues will be most beneficial, but we can also help you understand how the social media marketing solutions will accomplish your goals.

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  • Website Editors

    Edit your own website with a Content Management System (CMS). A Content Management System allows non-technical users to easily add, edit, and delete the content of their site using little more than a web browser and an internet connection.

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  • Database Programming

    Your website can become a tool that you, your clients, and the people you work with can use to be more productive. Find information, products, or services that are tailored towards specific search criteria, and instantly create, edit, save or delete your information from anywhere in the world.

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  • e-Commerce

    We develop custom e-commerce solutions and online catalogs for just about any type of business. With our e-commerce solutions you can be securely marketing, selling, processing, delivering, servicing and paying for products and services online.

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  • Search Engine Optimization

    Not getting found in Google, Yahoo, or Bing? Shortgrass can help you get to the top of the search engines with our proven white hat search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

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Providing Professional Web Development and Programming Since 2001

Since 2001, Shortgrass Web Development has been providing web design and development solutions. And though we are located in Central Montana, our clients can be found across the United States. We do serve a lot of small businesses, but also count large national corporations, governmental entities, and non-profits among our customers.


Healthcare Applications

Starting in 2003, Shortgrass Web has been developing expertise in web-based healthcare applications. The following are some examples of web-based healthcare applications built, hosted, and managed by Shortgrass:

CaseWave Software

CaseWave SoftwareThis web-based case management software was custom-built for Medicaid Waiver case managers across the State of Montana. The application is currently used by all Senior and Long Term Care and Severe Disabling Mental Illness Waiver teams in Montana. In addition, the State of Montana Senior and Long Term Care Division and the State of Montana Severe Disabling Mental Illness Division use the software to help them manage the program. This software has been in use for over eight years and continues to grow in features every day. It utilizes the SAAS model (Software as a Service), which stresses rapid development cycles and continuous improvement after launch.


Peer Case Review Portal

PeerCaseReviewThis web-based software tool allows healthcare agencies to exchange and review case files in a secure environment. The many reasons for the exchange of case files include: education, meeting compliance regulations for peer review, and learning best practices. Peer Case Review is currently in use by the Montana Performance Improvement Network (MTPIN), who manages the application on behalf of the 38 critical access hospitals across the State of Montana.


Transition Alert Software

Transition Alert SoftwareThis web-based software was built to address the national "triple aim in healthcare." The triple aim has three parts:

1. to improve patient outcomes.
2. to improve the patient experience.
3. to decrease healthcare costs.

Our app addresses the unique challenge in the triple aim by improving connections during the times an individual transitions from one care setting to another. Transition Alert Software is an innovative tool that facilitates speedy, efficient communication among the multiple providers that may be serving a healthcare consumer. Transition Alert Software is currently being used in a beta study in Missoula, Montana.


Applications for Other Industries

Food Cooperative Software

Food Cooperative SoftwareA cloud-based solution that keeps your coop adminstrator, your growers, and your buyers all virtually connected. Not only does it accommodate retail and wholesale buyers, but it also features a robust QuickBooks™ Export module, allowing for complete integration into your QuickBooks™ accounting system. Finally, Food Cooperative Software can be branded to give your online food coop business the custom look you want.


Forms Vault

FormsVaultForms Vault is a web-based solution that allows business owners to securely implement employment applications or credit applications.The Forms Vault platform is so robust just about any secure form can be hosted on it. Get started today on seemlessly integrating a secure form on your website.




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Shortgrass Web Development is a team of qualified professionals who offer our clients quality work with friendly, Montana-style service and support. We are a highly reputable Montana website design and development company that you can trust. Shortgrass Web Development offers professional website design and development for individuals, organizations, and companies nationwide. Our company specializes in web site design, web site development, web site hosting, custom web site programming, web site applications, PHP and MySQL database programming, Flash Programming, Ecommerce & Shopping Cart credit card processing and online shopping carts, content management systems and web site editors, blogs and forums, and search engine optimization.

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